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                                                or the 19th consecutive year the HELLENIC SUN EDITIONS is proud to
                                              Fpresent and offer comprehensive tourist promotion services, both in
                                              digital and electronic, aiming to the worldwide and effective promotion of
                                              Greece and the leading Greek tourist enterprises.
                                              Our unique tourist digital edition contains information and special
                                              features for all the areas and major cities in Greece, as well as the leading
                                              Greek tourist enterprises (LUX and First-Class hotels, TOUR OPERATORS,
                                              TRAVEL AGENTS, CRUISES, YACHTING, RENT A CAR), designed to promote
                                              Greece and its tourist professionals world-wide.
                                              Under the central title-invitation "GREECE THE IDEAL DESTINATION" we
                                              project Greece as a unique and ideal tourist destination, with individual
                                              narratives for each geographical region and pertinent characteristics
                                              separately, i.e. history, culture, natural environment, interesting sights,
                                                                         contemporary lifestyle, infrastructure
   N  OF H E L L E N IC S U N E DIT ION S                                and potential to attract new forms of
                                                                         tourism and quality visitors.
                                              In our tourist publications as well as at our Web Sites ***& )!   &"%
                                              ***&!   %    )! "%)) )&"% ( ***&  ) ! )         &"%  we promote
                                              participating leading Greek tourist enterprises, such as LUX and First-
                                              Class HOTELS RESORTS, LUXURY HOTELS, LUXURY SPA HOTELS, TRAVEL
                                              AGENTS & TOUR OPERATORS, CRUISING and YACHTING ENTERPRISES,
                                              CAR RENTAL OFFICES, Shipping and Land Transport companies.

                                              The comprehensive tourist services that we offer with our digital edition
                                              and our very own  Web Sites constitute most useful information and
                                              communication tools in the hands of foreign professionals,  WHOLE -
                                              SALERS, TOUR OPERATORS & TRAVEL AGENTS OF INDEPENDENT TRAVEL
                                              AGENTS, as well as the hundreds of thousands of visitors that we receive
                                              at our  Web Sites at  ***& )!   &"% ( ***&!   %    )! "%)) )&"%
                                              ***&  ) ! )         &"%(   (***& ! )%     )"%)) )&"%&
                                              In today’s fiercely competitive environment coupled with a difficult
                                              economic situation, Greece with its unique natural beauty, cultural
                                              heritage, thousands of islands, continuously improving infrastructure and
                                              seasoned professionals accredited with the successful organization of
                                              major international athletic and cultural events, beckons you to discover
                                              it through the digital editions and the Web Sites of the HELLENIC SUN
                                              EDITIONS; let us prove to you that Greece is an ideal year-round tourist
                                              destination for all types of tourism, indeed a window to nature, a flight to
                                              I would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for
                                              supporting our efforts.

                                                                                    Kostas Konstandaras

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