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                                            of the President of SETE

                                            Mr. Giannis A. Retsos

                                                          t is exceptionally important that the current positive
                                                         Itourism year becomes the basis for us to collective-
                                                         ly and systematically prepare for the following day in
                                                         the tourism sector and for the challenges we see on
                                                         the horizon.
                                                         Within this prism, we will serve 4 strategic goals.
                                                         First, long-term and stable growth that will give us an
                                                         even better position among the world’s major
                                                         tourism destinations. Second, the unification of the
                                                         whole sector and peaceful labour relations as a nec-
                                                         essary precondition of success. Third, continuous and
                                                         harmonious relations with each government that are
                                            beneficial for the Greek economy and the country. Fourth, supporting
                                            the social dimension of tourism and strengthening our social role.
                                            At the same time, our main priority is to come into even more direct
                                            contact with local communities all over Greece. We are obliged to be
                                            present in all Greek destinations, in the established ones and those
                                            less developed, offering continuous support and interaction. To doc-
                                            ument their needs and jointly seek to find solutions to the problems

                                            In this way we will be able to maximise the contribution made by
                                            tourism and expand its benefits.

                                            We wish every success to the tourism, conference, and thematic dig-
                                            ital editions of Hellenic Sun Editions, recognising their long-term
                                            contribution to showcasing and promoting Greek tourism on a glob-
                                            al level.

                                                                                   Giannis A. Retsos
                                                                                       President of SETE

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